Why Ya'll Tryin To Test The Jesus In Me

Why Ya'll Tryin To Test The Jesus In Me

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Embroidered Burlap Prints

Every print is hand-cut from a heavyweight burlap by the bolt. From the initial cut, to backing it with a laminate layer for stabilization, and stitching out the design. 

Print size options are: 8 x 10 or 11 x 14

Please use the comment section to let us know if  you want this done in different colors. If no colors are provided it will be stitched out in the colors shown. 

Prints are ready to be set into your favorite frame.

*Prints Only* Frames are not included

  • Sultana burlap is tightly woven and heavyweight with superior quality, so text and artwork details won’t get lost in the weave
  • Burlap is a natural, rustic fabric, so we expect there to be a few irregularities  that’s the secret to its charm
  •  A soft, laminated backing prevents fraying and protects the life of the fabric