Custom Sublimation Cheer Bow (Ready to Press Transfers)

Custom Sublimation Cheer Bow (Ready to Press Transfers)
Custom Sublimation Cheer Bow (Ready to Press Transfers) Custom Sublimation Cheer Bow (Ready to Press Transfers)
Product Code: Custom Sublimation Ready To Press Cheer Bow Transfers
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Custom Sublimation Cheer Bow (Ready to Press Transfers)

There is a fee of $10.00 for me to make your custom bow design. 

Custom includes when you have a logo, school, image, or only want the bow design custom for yourself as I would not sell the file to other bow makers.

Design fee will be more if I have to make several custom designs for you (example: If you have several images for a team order that need to be set up and placed on individual bow strips) Contact me via email:

Things I need from you:

  • What size bow do you need (26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch, etc)
  • I need to know the colors that you would like in your design. You can upload an image for me to pull colors from, or if you know the rbg colors you can include that
  • The design style you're looking for (ombre stripe, ombre center, etc)
  • Details of how you would like your completed bow.
  • How many printed sheets your need (1 Sheet = 4 strips (2 completed bows) If purchasing the download file only choose 0.  

Upload your image(s) for me to customize your bow and use the comment section to describe how you want the bow made.

I will email you a proof for your approval once the design is complete before printing the sheets, using the email you provided when you set up your account.  (Between 2-5 business days)

If I have any questions I will contact you through email. 

There is only a 1 time set up fee for your design. It will remain on file so if you need more printed I will have it ready to go. You can contact me through email to order more of same design. 

NO trademarked items please! (If I find your image violates copyright or trademarked items then I will email you to talk about the design and/or to refund payment if I can not make it)

It's not cool to copy others bow designs so please don't ask me to!

Looking for just a custom design download file? You can find it here: Custom Cheer Bow Design (Instant Download File)



  1. Pre-press (kiss press) your glitter htv (heat transfer vinyl) onto your grosgrain ribbon. (You will do half the bow at one time) Example: 28 inch bow you would need (2) 14 inch long pieces of glitter htv.
  2. Print out your sublimation bow strip design.
  3. Apply tape on each end of the sublimation transfer to be pressed and tape face down onto your pressed glitter grosgrain ribbon. (Again you will do half the bow at one time)
  4. Apply protective paper onto the bottom of your press (un-waxed butcher paper or parchment paper works great) 
  5. Bring over prepared ribbon with transfer attached to your ribbon and press with ribbon on bottom/sublimation transfer on top.
  6. Apply protective paper onto the top of your ribbon/sublimation transfer.
  7. Press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.
  8. Don't take any shortcuts or think you are pressing too long. You will want to go the full 60 seconds at 400 degrees so that the gas in the sublimation ink releases onto your glitter/ribbon to produce the best colors.





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